5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget About

Maintaining a home can feel like a full-time job. There are plenty of small but essential tasks that can be easily overlooked or put off. From draining your water heater to changing your GE or Samsung fridge filter, make sure you regularly carry out these maintenance tasks.

Maintain Your Water Heater

Your first task is draining your water heater. Sediment and minerals can build up at the bottom of the heater, reducing capacity and decreasing heating efficiency. So, about once per year, drain the heater, flushing out the sediment, and refill the heater. You should also open and close the release valve a few times a year to ensure it still opens smoothly.

Next, every few years, replace the anode rod. This rod can attract minerals that typically corrode and rust your water heater. Instead, the sacrificial anode rod rusts, and will eventually disintegrate if not replaced. Anode rod replacements and other involved maintenance is best performed by professionals, as the process can be complicated.

Replace Filters

HVAC and refrigerator water filters are common in many homes and need regular replacement. If you have, for example, a Maytag or Samsung refrigerator water filter, you will likely need to change the water filter about every six months. How often you use your water filter and the quality of the water also plays a role.

Your HVAC filter, which can be either in the ceiling, wall, or part of your heating system, should also be changed regularly. The frequency can depend on the system and the quality of the HVACs filters you buy, but about every three months is a good rule of thumb.

If not replaced, both can decrease the efficiency of their respective systems. The water filter will not remove impurities as efficiently, and the HVAC system will need to work harder to push air, costing you money in additional energy, and potentially damaging the system.

Clean Refrigerator Coils

On the topic of your refrigerator, be sure to clean the condenser coils every six months. They can get clogged up with dust, decreasing the efficiency of your fridge, making it work harder to keep your food cold. The coils are usually on the bottom or lower back of the fridge. You can typically use a brush or vacuum to clean the coils.

Clean Clothes Dryer Vents

You should clean the lint trap every time you put a load in the dryer. An overabundance of lint can catch fire from the heat of the dryer. The buildup also decreases efficiency, taking much longer to dry clothes. You should also clean out the dryer duct each year, as lint can still build up in the duct.

Inspect Roof and Gutters

After major storms, inspect your gutters and roof shingles. Gutters can clog, pouring water onto your entryway and potentially into your attic, and the storm can rip off shingles, leaking water into your home. Be sure to check downspouts, as well, to ensure they are not clogged.

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The Benefits of Filtered Fridge Water

When was the last time you replaced your refrigerator’s water filter? If you’re like many, replacing the water filter in your fridge might (unfortunately) not be top of mind when you consider household maintenance and upkeep. Maybe you have a twinge of guilt now and then at the realization that you’re pretty sure you should have changed it a little while back. Don’t be too hard on yourself; the importance of installing and changing that Whirlpool or Samsung refrigerator water filter consistently typically isn’t stressed enough. But hopefully, the information below will change that, as you come to understand the benefits of filtered fridge water not just for your health, but for your bank account and the Earth as well.

Filtered Fridge Water Is Better for Your Health

People generally understand that the filtering of drinking water is preferable, but don’t always have a clear idea of why. Filters are actually the last line of defense against a lot of things you don’t want in your body. A quality fridge filter, for instance, removes chemicals like chlorine and chloramine (used to sterilize the water), which in turn improves the water’s quality and (typically) its taste. Along with giving your water an unpleasant odor, chlorine and chloramine, unsurprisingly, aren’t great for you to ingest and can also irritate the skin. Fortunately, a quality GE or Samsung fridge filter can remove these chemicals and also make sure the water in your home is free of heavy metals and residue from dissolved organics such as pesticide.

Filtered Fridge Water Is Better for Your Wallet

For a piece of common household equipment that costs surprisingly little, refrigerator filters are actually doing some pretty impressive work. They’re capable of reducing and eliminating particles in water as small as ½ microns. And as noted above, there’s a surprising amount of unpleasant stuff that’s delivered in tiny packages. By doing that work, refrigerator water filters can save you money, time, and hassle by removing items from the water that are less-than-beneficial to digest.

Filtered Fridge Water Is Better for the Earth

Some people choose bottled water instead of filtered fridge water. But unfortunately, bottled water isn’t necessarily superior to filtered tap water—and it’s another expense. At-home filtration through a quality fridge filter gives you peace of mind while providing you with cleaner, better-tasting water. It’s also less expensive and wasteful than bottled water. Not to mention getting filtered water direct from your refrigerator in the comfort of your own home is also much more convenient than having to keep running to the store to keep the fridge stocked. And more convenient, at-home, filtered water means it’s easier to grab water as your next beverage. A refrigerator water filter can also help ensure your ice supply is clean, filtered, safe, and ready to cool down your next glass. Who knows, if your water at home tastes better you just might find yourself drinking more of it!

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